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Web Trend Map

Subway map of the Internet
Web Trend Map 4
web trend map
web trend map

What is Web Trend Map?

iA's Web Trend Map plots the leading internet names and domains onto the Tokyo Metro System.

The domains and personalities are carefully selected through dialogue with map enthusiasts. Each domain is evaluated based on traffic, revenue, age, owner and character.

Paying attention to the intersections, we grouped associated websites and ensured every domain is on a line that suits it. As a result, the map produces a web of associations: some provactive, some curious, others ironically accurate.

As a few examples: Twitter is located in Shibuya, the train station with the biggest buzz. Google and its network are placed around Shinjuku, the most highly trafficked station in the world. The New York Times is located in Sugamo, the shopping paradise for Tokyo's grandmothers.

Why Tokyo Metro? Because it works

How the Web Trend Map is used

You can evaluate a domain based on it's station's height, width, and position.

The height represents the domain's success according to traffic, revenue and media attention.

The width illustrates the stability of the domain as a business entity. Yet not every heavyweight property has a large building. Unless it has proven itself as a significant online component, its station remains thin.

The position on the map whether inside, on, or outside the main line indicates if it belongs to the tech establishment, the major traffic hubs or the online suburbs.

How Can I use the Web Trend Map

Imagine you are online bored, and looking to discover some new sites. Open up the web trend map and begin at the beginning of one of the subway lines. Take the blue line for instance. You'll begin discovering new great sites that may be of interest to you. This map is what internet surfing is all about. Searching and discovering new great places online.

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